Best Small Window Air Conditioners With Special Features (2022)

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If you’re looking to stay cool in the summer months without spending a fortune on your energy bill, look no further than the small window air conditioner. The size of the air conditioner you buy will depend on the size of your room or office, so if you are going to buy a small air conditioner, make sure it’s going to be big enough for your needs.

These units are inexpensive, easy to install, and can make all the difference on hot days when you want to stay in your own home without sweating through your shirt. However, there are many choices available, so it’s hard to know which one will be right for you—this guide will help you decide by reviewing some of the best small window air conditioners available online.

4 Best Small Window Air Conditioners

Windmill Smart Small Window Air Conditioner

Windmill Smart Small Window Air Conditioner

Midea In Window Air Conditioner

Midea In Window Air Conditioner

HOmeLabs Window Air Conditioner

HOmeLabs Window Air Conditioner

GE Electronic AC Unit For Small Window

GE Electronic AC Unit For Small Window

These AC units for small windows are typically able to cool spaces up to 250-350 square feet at a cost that’s usually lower than many other options. They are pretty quiet when they are turned on, unlike most AC units. And most importantly, all of these 4 window air conditioners have their own special features. They are strictly Energy Star certified air conditioners.

Now, We will share full detail of four of our favorite small window ACs. We are reviewing Small window ACs with a cooling power between 5000 BTU to 9000 BTU.

1. Windmill Smart Small Window Air Conditioner

Best Small Window Air Conditioners With Special Features

Special Features – Portable, WiFi Enabled, Remote/Voice/APP control, and Auto-Dimming LED Display

Brand – Windmill Color – White Control – Remote/Voice/App Cooling Power – 8300 BTU Window Size (Fitting) – 23 to 37 Inches Wide/at least 14 Inches in height Floor Area – 350 Square Feet Dimension – ‎19.4 x 19.3 x 13.2 inches Weight – 71.3 Pounds


Air gets purified or filtered Twice

It has 2 Filters (Carbon and antiMicrobial mesh Filters) and double side insulation

Control AC from other parts of the House with the App

The Control Panel light dims automatically

The remote has a Good range

It uses a refrigerant (R32) with 68% less global warming potential


No Dry Mode is there to heat the room

Upward Air

Windmill Smart Small Window Air Conditioner is a 115 volts Smart Home AC. It has top vents which blow the air up at a certain angle. It has 3 modes: Eco, cool, and fan mode but doesn’t have a dry or heat mode. Instead of blowing the air directly into your face, this in window air conditioner circulates the air all over the room area.

Well Insulated

Windmill window air conditioner has insulation on both sides. It is very well insulated and doesn’t let the heat enter inside on hot summer days. It has a 12 CEER Rating.

Quick Cooling

One of the best-looking smart home AC is a windmill with quick cooling ability. It efficiently cools the room area lesser than 375 square feet in a little amount of time. All you need to do is to set the desired temperature. Set the temperature of the Windmill’s smallest window AC between 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

2. Midea In Window Air Conditioner

Best Small Window Air Conditioners With Special Features

Special Features – Dehumidifier, WiFi Enabled, Remote/Voice/APP control, and Has Inverter

Brand – Midea Color – White Control – Remote/Voice/App Cooling Power – 8000 BTU Window Size (Fitting) – 22 to 36 Inches Wide/at least 13.75 Inches in height Floor Area – Lesser than 400 Square Feet Dimension – 21.97 x 19.17 x 13.46 inches Weight – 67.9 Pounds


Very quiet with a Noise level of 42 Db

Boost mode is there to cool the room fast

The front panel is very much clear not dull like most units

Its DC inverter technology saves 35% of energy

It uses a refrigerant (R32) and has a 15 CEER Rating.

Auto and Eco Modes Add Efficiency to the AC Unit


Small Air gaps can be a problem but can be tackled with foam.

Bracket Support is required.


The Midea In Window Air Conditioner has lots of smart features. For cooling, it has a motorized cover that blows the air up and down. Turn on the boost mode in case you want to cool the room faster. There are also manual adjustments to distribute the air to the left and right sides. Control the AC unit with an app instead of a remote. It has a nice interface with minimal connection issues.

The LED display is crisp and clear and shows readings accurately. Lights can be turned off using the Midea App. It has 4 modes; Auto, Eco, cool, dry, and Fan. The temperature range for the unit is 60°F ~ 90°F / 16°C ~ 32°C.

Inverter Technology

Midea smallest AC unit has an inbuilt inverter technology. With this technology, the AC saves energy by slowing down the speed of the compressor motor inside. This technology improves efficiency by varying the cooling speed of the AC.


This in window air conditioner cannot be fit in Rooms with horizontal windows. The unit is designed only for installation on the vertical windows. A window that moves side to side is not fit for this AC unit. The Window must be at least 13.75 inches tall.

3. HOmeLabs Window Air Conditioner

HOmeLabs Window Air Conditioner

Special Features – WiFi Enabled and Remote/Voice/APP control

Brand – Homelabs Color – White Control – Remote/Voice/App Cooling Power – 8000 BTU Window Size (Fitting) – 23 to 36 Inches Wide/at least 14 Inches in height Floor Area – 350 Square Feet Dimension – 18.54 x 15.55 x 13.4 inches Weight – 50 Pounds


Reusable Easy to remove Washable Filters

The remote of the AC has a temperature sensing Button

Temperature once fixed, is retained. Does not change

The ECO mode truly saves energy

Stronger fan with strong Cooling power

Control AC from outside the home Using App


Sometimes The AC shows inaccurate readings

Little Noisy

Smart Features

Using the app, Control Homelabs window air conditioner with a click of a button from anywhere. It has various cooling settings: Eco, cool, dry, fan, and Follow Me. The Follow me is basically a temperature remote sensing feature of the remote control.

Control this AC unit with your voice as it is compatible with google assistant and Alexa. Set the timer as well with the timer on and timer off buttons.

Flexible Window Mount And Reusable filter

The HOmeLabs Window Air Conditioner comes with a flexible window mount that makes it easy to transfer AC from one window to another window without any problem.

Like any other AC unit, it has a filter that needs to be cleaned after a fixed amount of time. So this window air conditioner has a filter indicator feature that lights up after 250 hours of AC usage.

4 Way Air Flow

This in window air conditioner has a 4-way airflow. This means it blows the air upwards, downwards, leftwards, and rightwards unlike most of the smallest window ACs. Its 8000 BTU variant cools the area max up to 350 square feet.

4. GE Electronic AC Unit For Small Window

GE Electronic AC Unit For Small Window

Special Features – Dehumidifier, 24 Timer and Sleep Mode, Remote control, and 4 way Cooling.

Brand – GE Color – White Control – Remote Cooling Power – 6000 BTU Window Size (Fitting) – 26-9/16 – 39-1/4” wide/at least 13-3/8″ in height Floor Area – 250 Square Feet Dimension – 21.25 x 21.25 x 12.44 inches Weight – 56 Pounds


It has an E-saver in cooling settings.

It has an ultra-quiet mode for minimal noise

Easy remove – Lift out the filter with one touch to wash

It has a CEER Rating of 11.

This 4 way AC with 2 Sections of vents blows air up and down

GE AC unit also has a Drain hole


Not Wifi Enabled

Light Weight

GE Electronic AC Unit For Small Window is very light weight and has a perfectly balanced design from front to back. This AC unit in our list is one of the best Fitter for small windows.

Energy Saving Mode & Dehumidifier

Unlike most small window ACs, the GE AC unit has a dehumidifier mode to remove the excess humidity in the air. By using this mode, the moisture in the air reduces, and the efficiency of the Window AC increases.

Also, the GC AC unit for small windows has an energy-saving mode. This mode of AC saves energy and doesn’t affect the cooling inside the room. The cooling power stays the same on the e-saving mode.


This AC is small and light but the built quality of this unit is very good. The outer structure of the AC is very well constructed including the wings that make AC fit in the window. The best part is the insulation on both sides of the AC, it blocks the heat outside and prevents cool air from being lost.

Small Window Air Conditioner Guide

Let’s take a look at the small window air conditioner guide. Some of the things about window AC units you must keep in mind.

What to Look for in a Small Window Air Conditioner

When shopping for a small window air conditioner, there are a few factors to keep in mind. For one, how many square feet does it need to cool? When looking at air conditioner BTUs (British thermal units), you want your unit to be roughly 50% of your home’s total square footage or less.

Generally speaking, rooms up to 350 sq ft will do well with an 8,000 BTU AC. If you have a space that’s more than 500 sq ft and don’t have other cooling options (electric fans), then a 12,000 BTU AC would be optimal. Anything over 1,200 sq ft should use 18-20k BTUs but check manufacturer recommendations as they may differ slightly from our advice here.

Size: One of the most important considerations when choosing a small AC unit is size. If you live in an apartment or condo, you may not have much room on either side of a window. It’s important to make sure any unit you consider will fit inside your window frame.

Efficiency: When looking at efficiency ratings, remember that bigger numbers are better. Units with higher energy star ratings will cost less to run over time and often have lower utility bills overall, saving money on air conditioning costs. Energy efficiency also cuts down on pollution and helps reduce greenhouse gases.

Filter Maintenance: Keeping your filters clean is crucial when dealing with dust particles circulating through your home. Pay attention to what kind of filter replacement schedule each brand offers as some will require frequent replacements while others last longer before needing cleaning.

Power Cord Length: Before purchasing an air conditioner, check how long the power cord is and if you have enough space next to your electrical outlet where you plan on setting up your new unit.

How Much Power Do I Need?

If you’re looking for a unit that doesn’t take up much floor space, it may be worth investing in a small window air conditioner. These units are designed to fit snugly into your window frames, so they don’t take up too much room, and they generally have less power than larger models (between 5000 and 9,000 BTUs). Smaller units can save you money on your electric bill because they use less electricity.

The Average Cost of a Small AC Unit

The first thing you should know about buying a small window AC unit is that it is not cheap. These units are typically going to run you anywhere from $200 to $800, and sometimes even more.

The great news for consumers, however, is that prices on these units have come down substantially in recent years due to fierce competition between manufacturers.

Energy Star Ratings Are Important

If you’re looking for a small window air conditioner, don’t just go for a cheap one. You should think about buying a higher-quality model with an Energy Star rating so that it costs less to run. This will also make your room feel cooler and help you sleep better at night. It can also help save on your utility bills over time by reducing your energy usage overall.

Final Thoughts

Finding a small air conditioner for your home is an exciting decision for most homeowners. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to find one that fits all of your requirements. The above reviewed 4 smallest windows ACs will be a perfect choice for you and your home.

Even though they may all technically cool down your room at roughly the same rate, you want one that won’t keep you up at night with excessive noise levels. So the decision will be yours now.

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