5 Best Electric Adjustable Office Desk Of 2022

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An electric adjustable office desk is a desk that easily changes the height with the help of a control panel or memory preset controller. The electric standing desks go down to low sitting height as well to a comfortable standing height with just a push of a button.

They have a great advantage over many hand-operated desks for reliability, durability, ease adjust, and functionality, but they are a little costly. However, they are great home office desks for tall people or for people who work for long hours under AC.

With a wide variety of flexible electric standing desks that has multiple functions, features, and different prices, it is difficult to find a model that works well for the workplace. So Don’t miss to check out our in-depth review of the 5 best electric adjustable office desks.

5 Best electric adjustable office desk

vari standing desk Electric
Vari Standing Desk

jarvis electric standing desk
Jarvis Electric Standing Desk

ergonomic electric adjustable desk
Vitesse Electric Sit Stand Desk

electric sit stand desk
Flexispot Electric Standing desk

height adjustable electric desk
EUREKA Height Adjustable Electric Desk

These 5 electric adjustable office desks are the best in the market. Their 3 stage legs provide greater height range and several health benefits to the body like office chairs. The setting of these electric sit stand desks is a matter of seconds. If tired of sitting for long hours, just stand up to relax muscles and burn calories with the best electric standing desks.

Let’s have a look at them in detail.

1. Vari Standing Desk

5 Best Electric Adjustable Office Desk Of 2021

Brand – Vari | Color – Black/White/Butcher Block/Dark Wood/Reclaimed Wood | Top Material – Wood | Shape – Rectangular (48″ x 30″) | Height Range – 25.5” (64.5 cm) to 50.5” high (128 cm) | Weight – 120 Pounds

 4 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Low decibel motors are very quiet and will not disrupt.
  • Enhanced Stability with T-Style Heavy-Duty Steel Feet Legs.
  • Vari Standing Desk Supports up to 220 lb (99.8 kg).
  • Durable Laminate finish Top is solid and easy to clean.

Vari Standing Desk electric is Available in two sizes and a wide range of finishes, the Vari has delivered an incredibly well-designed, easy-to-assemble standing electric desk with adjustable height settings, so you always have perfect ergonomics. Get Vari standing desk at a very affordable price which makes this one of the best pieces of office gear that can be purchased.


  • Assembling a piece of cake
  • Outstanding construction quality
  • The extinction of the wood found is amazing
  • Smooth, quiet engines for height adjustment
  • Reasonable numbers
  • Supported by a five-year warranty


  • You would probably want two people to join you
  • Not as personal as some of our competitors

2. Jarvis Electric Standing Desk

5 Best Electric Adjustable Office Desk Of 2021

Brand – Jarvis | Color – Black | Top Material – Wood | Shape – Rectangular (48″ x 30″) | Height Range – 25.5” to 51” high | Weight – 92 Pounds

 4 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Jarvis electric standing desk has a 10ft long power cord.
  • Very Quiet with operating noise less than 50 DB.
  • 4 Custom LED programmable presets.
  • Stable heavy steel feet and supports up to 350lb.

Jarvis Bamboo high-rise flexible or Jarvis electric standing desk can be used as the natural and as well as aesthetic desk. On the top of the desk, there is a solid natural bamboo that is very smooth and very easy to clean. The table frame is one of the reasons why this desk has been selected as the best desk to stand by the Wirecutter for more than 4 years.

With an industrial lifting capacity of 158 kg, and its LED-mounted handset that allows adjusting quickly from low enough for a child to sit high enough to stand 2 m tall makes Jarvis standing desk is the best electric standing desk of all time. This is available in two, seven sizes, and a combo selection of accessories to create your own workstation.


  • Repair range 26 degrees
  • Recommended weight strength is 281 lbs.
  • The maximum capacity is 350 lbs. as advertised
  • Repair speed is 1.52 inches/second
  • 7-year warranty on electrical components
  • Jarvis standing desk has Various top colors
  • Smooth surface with ergonomic design
  • Eco-friendly desktop used items
  • The responsive customer service team


  • There are stability issues starting from 36 “
  • You have trouble lifting 350 lbs
  • The desk is still moving for some time after you release the button
  • It has no cross support, so the legs tend to loosen

3. Vitesse Electric Sit Stand Desk

5 Best Electric Adjustable Office Desk Of 2021

Brand – Vitesse | Color – Black/Classic Black | Top Material – Wood | Shape – Rectangular (55″ x 26″) | Height Range – 28” to 48.4” high | Weight – 88.8 Pounds

 4 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Industrial-grade steel frame support up to 300 lbs.
  • Fast height adjustment with one-touch operation.
  • Large mouse pad for better working or gaming experience.
  • Produces Less than 50 DB of noise.

The Vitesse electric Sit stand Desk is a real treat. There is no doubt why it has incredible review points. So many Integrated organizational modules such as game rack, cup holder, headphone hook, free mouse pad, and cable management tray make Vitesse the best electric adjustable office desk. Worth spending money on.

The larger version of this electric sit stand desk is 55 x 26 inches (44 x 26 smaller version), with enough space for two monitors, and other essential gadgets. The game controller and game rack also have 3+ easy access to the built-in USB ports – it’s good to keep the wires in order with all your charged devices.


  • Combined charging holes
  • More desk space than budget models
  • Electric sit stand desk comes with many organizational features


  • Users report meeting instructions are unclear
  • Many different pieces of integration

4. Flexispot Electric Standing desk

electric sit stand desk

Brand – Flexispot | Color – Black/White | Top Material – Wood | Shape – Rectangular (48″ x 24″) | Height Range –  28.7″ to 48.4″ high | Weight – 80 Pounds

 4 Reasons To Purchase 

  • It has a speed of 1″ per second, and low noise while running.
  • The maximum weight capacity of the Flexispot standing desk is 110 lbs.
  • 2-button control panel for simple and smooth height adjustment.
  • 4 adhesive cable ties are included.

With FLEXISPOT electric standing desk easily achieve a perfect stay/stand balance throughout the workday, with great comfort. Using this ergonomic electric adjustable desk helps to combat the negative health effects of a sitting job. The desk includes all the features that are needed to maintain a healthy working lifestyle in order to improve concentration and work efficiency.

Get one today and start enjoying the health benefits of electric standing desks and staying fit. Flexispot standing desk is Highly recommended who need comfort while working for long hours.


  • The Flexispot electric standing desk is amazingly functional and looks great.
  • Very quiet and the movement is smooth and not noticeable at all.
  • The desk all the equipment will Stay stable while raising and lowering the desk.


  • The box containing the legs and the motor is very heavy.
  • The instructions are not as clear as possible.

5. EUREKA Height Adjustable Electric Desk

5 Best Electric Adjustable Office Desk Of 2021

Brand – EUREKA | Color – Black | Style – 60″Left Side/60″Right Side | Top Material – Wood | Shape – 20″ L shaped (43.7 x 60 x 29.9 inches) | Height Range –  29.9″ to 48.4″ high | Weight – 97.44 Pounds

 4 Reasons To Purchase 

  • Height adjustable electric  Desk has Max lifting capacity up to 220lbs.
  • Large 60” wide surface plus 20” L-shaped section for work.
  • Eureka desk Gives more room to the legs of tall people.
  • Perfect for gaming, home office work, and more.

Eureka ergonomic electric adjustable desk offers ample space for monitors, mousepads, and keyboards due to its wide range. It measures 29.9 inches wide and 48.4 inches deep and is less than 30 inches long with flexible feet. The minimal and sturdy body is easily rotatable between sitting and standing which is why this height adjustable electric desk is the best for back pain, spine pain and provides several health benefits as well.

The desk comes with a large mouse pad, holder cup holder and headphone hook, game disc booth and controls, and a special tray below to hold your power cord and help handle power cords. The desk has two grommets designed to move your cable, mouse, or watch cords.


  • The height adjustable electric desk is Very strong
  • Easy to assemble
  • Large desk, grab two 27 Monitors easily
  • The cup holder
  • Caddy headband
  • Housing management cable
  • USB caddy hub/game


  • Desk frame (mouse pad)

No matter which electric adjustable office desk suits you best, they all are unique in their own way. With multiple finishes and less than 5 minutes of assembly time, these ergonomic desks are made to improve your work environment.

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