11 Best Accessories for MacBook Pro 13 (2024)

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The MacBook Pro is an incredible machine, and it can do pretty much anything you want it to do. However, even the best laptop in the world can only do so much without the right accessories. If you’re looking to upgrade your MacBook Pro 13 experience, this list of the 11 best accessories for a MacBook Pro 13 will help you take your tech game to the next level and really make your computer the ultimate productivity tool!

Best Accessories for MacBook Pro 13

1) MacBook Pro Cases

Best Accessories for MacBook Pro 13

It’s important to keep your laptop protected in case of damage or theft. Cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from hard plastic to soft neoprene. If you’re taking your laptop with you on the go often, a hard case is probably a good choice for you; if not, consider selecting a soft sleeve that is easier to slide into a briefcase or backpack.

Some even come equipped with external pockets or pouches for carrying power cords and other accessories. The thought of picking up one more accessory might sound counterintuitive, but if it means protecting your laptop—and keeping your work safe—it’s probably worth it.

Some of the best MacBook Pro cases Available on Amazon are:

  1. Tomtoc 360° Protective Laptop Case
  2. Lacdo 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve Case
  3. MOSISO Laptop Case Compatible with MacBook Pro 
  4. Voova Laptop Sleeve Case
  5. HYZUO Laptop Sleeve Case
  6. Inateck Macbook Case Sleeve

Check out the ipad pro 12.9 cases as well.

2) Headphones For Macbook Pro


Headphones can help you get work done in a crowded office. Whether your space is open or closed, noise-canceling headphones can make all of that office chatter fade away—they’re just like a meditation app for your ears.

Noise-canceling headphones are also great to block out distractions while studying or working on long documents, and they come in handy on planes and trains when you don’t want to disturb those around you. Keep in mind that wireless headphones come with a few extra considerations (like how far away from your computer screen you should keep them), but if it works for your home office setup, give it a try!

Some of the best headphones for MacBook pro available on Amazon are:

  1. New Apple AirPods Pro
  2. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones
  3. Apple AirPods Max
  4. Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)

3) Docking Station MacBook Pro

Best Accessories For A MacBook Pro

Whether you work from home or are a student, your MacBook can be a valuable asset to your daily routine. However, having it with you can be cumbersome, especially if you’re constantly switching back and forth between plugging it in and working wirelessly.

The optimal way to make use of your laptop is to set up a docking station for it. This will keep all of your cables organized and close at hand so that you aren’t scrambling around every time you need something from your computer.

We recommend checking out some of the best docking stations for MacBook pro available on amazon. Letting you quickly connect your devices and get back to work. You’ll never have to leave anything behind again!

  1. 4URPC MacBook Pro Docking Station
  2. Mokin USB C Docking Station
  3. MacBook Pro Docking Station iVANKY
  4. 13-Port Dual Display USB C Dock with Vertical Stand 

4) External Speakers For Macbook Pro

speakers e1643104714586

Having a decent set of speakers is important. After all, when you’re working on your Mac and want to listen to some music or watch something online, it doesn’t make sense to have terrible audio coming out of tiny tinny speakers built into your laptop.

Get yourself a nice set of computer speakers with an aux cable so you can plug in any type of mobile device (like an iPod) or just use them on their own with your computer.

I highly recommend investing in the below list of speakers available on Amazon: they sound incredible and they look great too. Plus they come in at under $300 – a worthy investment if you ask me!

  1. Edifier WiFi Smart Speaker 
  2. Bose Companion 2 Series III Speakers
  3. JBL FLIP 5 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 

5) Keyboard For Macbook Pro

Best Accessories For A MacBook Pro

When it comes to laptops, keyboards are essential. No matter which device you’re using, one of these input devices will enhance your typing experience and make your work a whole lot easier. The best part? You have plenty of options in terms of functionality and price.

From smart covers that keep your screen from getting damaged to ergonomic keyboards, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for standard keyboards or something a little more out-of-the-box, here are some of our favorites.

Check out some of the best keyboards for MacBook pro.

  1. Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad
  2. Macally Backlit Mac Keyboard Wired 
  3. Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard 

6) Mouse For Macbook Pro


With a built-in touchpad and keyboard, you might think that there’s little reason to use a mouse with your Mac. But if you’re frequently working on an Apple laptop—or doing graphic design, for example—using a mouse can actually boost productivity. Clicking and right-clicking are very easy with the mouse.

The multi-touch gestures on Macs don’t always work as well as they should, so it makes sense to rely on an external input device to get work done in some cases. Keep in mind that Macs often come with mice when they’re purchased new. But Apple offers lots of other models for purchase, too.

Depending on your needs (and budget), consider one of these options:

  1. Rechargeable 2.4G LED Wireless Bluetooth Mouse
  2. Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse
  3. Apple Magic Bluetooth Wireless Laser Mouse
  4. PINKCAT Silent Mouse Wireless

7) Macbook Stand

Best Accessories For A MacBook Pro

If you own a MacBook, you know that it doesn’t have a back to lean on as most laptops do. Instead, it has these curves at its top and bottom that just leave your laptop sitting there on your desk unprotected.

But what if we told you there was an accessory for your computer called a Curve Stand that would essentially act as a support brace for both sides of your laptop? That way, when you put it down on a table or flat surface, it’s not just going to tip over as all those other laptops do. It’s also going to be propped up at an angle so that your screen is better-visible from across the room.

Some of the best MacBook stands on Amazon are:

  1. Soundance Laptop Stand
  2. Lifelong Laptop riser computer stand
  3. Twelve South Curve for MacBooks
  4. Bestand Laptop Stand
  5. Nulaxy Laptop Stand

8) USB C Hub Adapter

USB C Hub Adapter

If you’re planning on making use of your laptop for more than just word processing and internet browsing, you may want to consider adding a USB C hub adapter.

USB C is a newer standard that provides faster speeds when transferring data and power from one device to another. And since it allows up to 100W of power delivery, it can also charge laptops like your new MacBook Pro.

You’ll want an adapter with multiple ports so you can hook up your monitor or other peripheral devices without having to carry around too many accessories.

Some of the best USB C Hubs on Amazon are:

  1. UGREEN USB C Hub Adapter 
  2. RayCue USB C Hub Adapter for MacBook Pro
  3. LENTION USB C Multiport Hub
  4. NOV8Tech USB C Hub 

9) Portable Monitor

Best Accessories For A MacBook Pro

When you’re working on a computer that’s surrounded by others or in an environment where you don’t have a lot of room to spread out, it’s nice to have a portable monitor.  These monitors aren’t so large that they take up too much space and can easily be stowed away when not in use.

They come with multiple ports and mounting options so that you can set them up, however, is most convenient for your workspace. Most importantly Like PCs, these displays offer high-resolution displays so your text will look crisp and clear. It can also give your laptop display more breathing room so that it isn’t as hard on your eyes over time.

Some of the best portable monitors for laptops and macs are:

  1. Duex Plus 13.3″ Full HD IPS Dual Laptop Monitor
  2. KYY 15.6inch 1080P FHD USB-C Laptop Monitor
  3. 15.6 Inch FHD HDR FreeSync Zero Frame USB-C Computer Display 
  4. Visionowl 15.6 Inch Eye Care USB-C Computer Display 

10) Home Office Lap Desk

Best Accessories For A MacBook Pro

If you plan on spending hours at your desk working on a laptop, consider purchasing a home office lap desk. Lap desks are small, folding desks that you can set your laptop or tablet on and use comfortably. Many of them have a built-in mouse pad and an adjustable angle for more ergonomic comfort when typing on your laptop keyboard.

Plus, lap desks are often used by college students who spend hours studying on campus in coffee shops or at library tables. Lap desks come in a variety of styles and sizes; look for one that’s lightweight but sturdy to hold up your computer as well as any notebooks or textbooks you want to store there, too.

Some of the best Lap desks Available on Amazon are:

  1. LapGear Home Office Lap Desk
  2. SAIJI Adjustable Laptop Stand 
  3. Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk
  4. LapGear Bamboo Lap Desk 

11) Screen Protector

Screen protector e1643105115454

The first thing that many people think of when they hear accessories for a Macbook is a screen protector. There are lots of options, but most fall into one of two categories: glass and plastic. The cheapest option is probably a sheet of clear plastic cut to fit your laptop’s screen and adhere with tape.

The biggest benefit here is cost; plastic protects your LCD from scratches, but not from cracks. Glass protectors are more expensive, but work better if you’re concerned about cracking. They’re thin pieces of hardened glass cut to size and applied like an overlay, protecting against scratches and cracks as well as smudges.

Both have their pros and cons, so consider what’s important to you before choosing one over another—if anything at all!

Check out some of the best MacBook screen protectors on Amazon:

  1. Supershieldz Screen Protector
  2. Homy Full Protection Kit
  3. Moshi iVisor Screen Protector 
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