M2 MacBook Pro 13 Inch for College: Best MacBook? (2024)

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The M2 MacBook Pro 13 inch is finally here. And it looks a lot like the last M1 MacBook Pro 13. Everything is almost the same except for the new M2 Chip and some minor changes which we will cover later in this review.

It is very clear that this MacBook Pro with an M2 Chip is not the fastest apple laptop. We still have M1 Pro/Max 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops that are way faster. So, should you buy this 2022 M2 MacBook Pro or wait for the new M2 MacBook air? Check out our full review of M2 MacBook Pro 13 Inch for college.

M2 MacBook Pro 13 Inch for College

M2 MacBook Pro 13 Inch for College

The 13-inch MacBook Pro is Apple’s best-selling laptop. It has an outstanding battery life and delivers solid performance for many years.

We will make clear in this review what has changed in the new M2 MacBook Pro 13 Inch and what is still the same.

New M2 Chip

The main reason to purchase the 13″ MacBook Pro M2 is its processor (M2 Chip). The M2 Chip outperforms the M1 chip but not the M1 Pro and M1 Max chip.

M2 Chip

The M2 MacBook Pro has an 8-Core CPU and 10-core GPU. The M2 Chip really impresses in both the single-core and multi-core CPU performance. The CPU performance has a boost of 12% in single-core and up to 19% in multi-core.

On the other hand, the M2 chip’s 10-Core GPU increases the GPU performance by 35%. Run the high-end tasks on this apple laptop for hours. And it is all because of the new M2 chip.

Old Design & Display

Not just the design but also the display is the same as the M1 MacBook pro. The M2 13″ Mac Pro has a solid aluminum body. It looks great with a 13.3-inch retina display and thicker bezels around. The body is not unattractive at all but it is old.

M2 MacBook Pro 13 Inch for College

The display is not a pro-motion display. Unlike a mini-LED display, it is a simple retina display with a maximum brightness of 500 nits, a P3 wide color for vibrant images, and a true tone for a natural viewing experience.

The touch bar is on the top of the keyboard and the Touch ID is in the top right corner of the keyboard. Some people found the touch bar helpful but most people rarely use it.

The touch bar is not something users really need or want on their MacBook. This is why the 2022 MacBook pro feels outdated in terms of design.

Keyboard And Touchpad

The backlit keyboard is impressive as usual. The keys provide a good level of resistance when pressed. The keys feel soft and make typing much more comfortable.


The touchpad surface is very smooth. It is very easy to move the cursor and perform gestures on the M2 mac Pro 13.

720p Web Camera

In today’s world, people video call to chat with their friends and families, attend zoom meetings and rely on video conferencing for work.

So, it is very disappointing to say that Apple launched the M2 MacBook Pro 13 with just a 720p resolution webcam.

Apple claims that the new M2 Chip will improve the image quality of the 720p webcam. But it is hard to deny that the 2022 MacBook Pro Webcam is not worth spending on. It is better to spend money on the MacBook Air 2022 with a 1080p webcam.

2 USB-C Ports + No Mag safe Port

The MacBook Pro 2022 has only 2 USB-C ports and it is very sad it doesn’t come with the Mag Safe charging like the M2 MacBook air.

On the Opposite side of the 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports, there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack.


No doubt the USB-C ports transfer the data at a very fast speed but apple should have given one more USB-C port to the 13-inch MacBook Pro M2.

The lack of a Mag Safe port to charge the MacBook fast is not a big reason to not buy the M2 Mac Pro 13.


With the all-new and powerful M2 chip, the performance of the 2022 MacBook pro 13 inches is definitely improved.

Multitasking is smoother than ever. Running various apps at once like browsing on multiple tabs, watching videos on YouTube, or making videos as a vlogger etc. doesn’t make the M2 mac pro laggy.

M2 Chip makes the video and audio editing much easier but gaming is not that impressive. At the high graphical setting, the MacBook runs the games at a very low frame rate per second. So, it is not made for gaming.

Battery Life

The battery life is good. After continuous web surfing on Wi-Fi, the M2 MacBook Pro lasts almost 17 to 18 hours which is not bad and is very close to what Apple claims (20 hours of battery life).

The 2022 MacBook Pro 13 has the potential to last all day long. And most importantly, it will not get warm due to its fan-based design. Its Active cooling system not just boosts battery life but also boosts performance/productivity.

Colors & Pricing

Lastly, talking about the colors and pricing of the MacBook Pro 13. It is not available in too many colors. Like the previous model, it has only silver and space grey color options. Unlike MacBook Air M2, Available in 4 different colors.

The price of the MacBook Pro M2 is a little higher compared to what we get in this laptop. The starting price of its 256GB storage and 8GB RAM model is $1299. And the price goes up as the storage and RAM increase.

Also, we can expand the storage of the MacBook Pro 13 by up to 2TB and RAM by up to 24GB.

Final Words: M2 MacBook Pro 13 Inch for college

No doubt, the 13-inch MacBook Pro M2 is a very productive laptop. And the new M2 chip boosted the performance as well as its battery life.

But still, it has an old design and display. Some people will hate it for sure. But most might consider it a good laptop for work because of its extra-fast processor.

M2 MacBook Pro is more than a capable laptop for everyday users, college students, and professionals. It is not a bad investment at all.

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