How To Copy And Paste On iPad (2022)

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The copy and paste feature on the iPad (mini, pro 11, pro 12.9, or air) is a simple task.  This feature saves valuable time while emailing, scrolling a web page, and using various applications.

And with the new iOS 15, now it is possible to Copy and paste text from images as well. The new iOS update makes it easy to identify the text within images in your camera roll.

Have a look at our complete guide on how to copy and paste on iPad.

How To Copy And Paste On iPad – Text

 First, check out how to copy the text on the iPad.  

1. Launch or open any text app (Notes, or Messaging (discord), or any article on the web) on your iPad tablet or iPhone.

2. Tap and hold your finger on the text you want to copy. The text (a word or two) will be highlighted in blue.

3. The black contextual pop-up menu will appear above the blue highlighted words.

How To Copy And Paste On iPad

4. In case you want to select more text, drag the markers (Blue sliders) on either end of the selected text to adjust your selection. Once the text is selected take your finger off.

5. Next click on the copy button above the highlighted text in the black contextual pop-up menu.

6. The text will be copied to the iPad clipboard.

 Now let’s check out how to paste the text on the iPad in an easy way.  

Let’s say you have copied the text from a web page and you want to paste the text in the notes to save it. Go through the following steps to paste it.

1. Open the app that supports text input. For example, open the notepad.

2. Press and hold your finger for around 2 seconds in the empty area where you want to paste the copied text.

3. The black contextual pop-up menu will again appear but this time with the paste button inside.

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4. Now click or select the paste button to paste the text you have just copied.

How To Copy And Paste On iPad – Text from Photos

The next thing we will learn is about copying and pasting text from photos on the iPad or iPhone. Now with the new iOS update, the text can be copied easily from any photo.

1. Make sure Your iPad is updated to iOS 15 or newer.

2. Open the photos app on your iPad and open the image that contains the text.

3. Tap and hold on to the text to select it and use the blue sliders (selection tool) in case you want to extend the selection. If the text is too small please zoom in on the image to select the text.

4. After selecting the text tap on it and the black pop up menu will appear.

How To Copy And 1

5. Click or select the copy pop-up bubble above the highlighted text. This will copy the text from the image to the clipboard.

6. To paste the image text into the area just open notes. Press and hold the area and the paste pop up bubble will appear.

7. Tap on the paste button to paste the image text in the area to save it.

 How to copy and paste between apple devices.

The new iOS 15 comes with an amazing copy and paste feature in which we can copy and paste text and images between the apple devices which is really useful.

The ability to paste between the devices is the coolest feature ever. Follow the below steps and learn copy pasting between iPhone and iPad.

1. Sign in with the same apple id on both devices.

2. Select the text you want to copy on iPad/iPhone. The text will be highlighted once selected.

3. The black contextual menu will pop up. The menu has buttons like cut, copy and style, etc.

How To Copy And Paste On iPad

4. Click on the copy button to copy the text.

5. Now go to the other device (iPad/iPhone) and open the notes. Open the blank note and press and hold your finger in the area.

6. The black popup menu will show up with the paste button. Tap on the paste button to paste the text to the other device.

7. At the end the device will show the notification that the note is pasted from the user’s iPad or iPhone.

 Remember to sign in with the same apple id for copy pasting between apple devices. And make sure that the device is updated to iOS 15. 

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