Sperax Under Desk Treadmill Walking Pad Review

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By using a under desk walking pad treadmill, you can stride towards a healthier lifestyle and achieve a better work-life balance.

One of the popular under desk treadmills we recently found on amazon is Sperax treadmill which comes in 3 models: Sperax Pro model, Sperax Pro Q1 Model, and Sperax Q1 model.

Most users love this treadmill but is it really made for you and which model best suits you? To know, read our full review of Sperax Treadmills.

In this review, we will delve into the features, functionality, user experience of the Sperax Under Desk Treadmills, and what users are complaining about this treadmill. We will cover everything from pros and cons.

Sperax Under Desk Treadmill Review: 3 Models To Check

The first model on our list is Sperax Pro Model.

1. Sperax Pro Model | Check Price

The First Model of Sperax Treadmill is Sperax Pro Model (red+black) with 4.5 Rating on Amazon.

Sperax Pro treadmill is a compact treadmill which costs no more than 350$. The treadmill can withstand 280 pounds which makes it unsuitable for 300 lb person.

The treadmill is pre inclined at 1% and doesn’t feature any incline settings on control panel or remote controller.

The treadmill has 5 layers of non-slip running belt which makes Sperax a low impact treadmill. So, it will have a low impact on your knees, muscles, and joints.

Sperax Pro Model
ModelSperax Pro
Speed7.4 MPH (12KPH)
Weight Capacity 280 Lbs.
Power2.5 HP
Deck43″x 16″
Incline0 %

2. Sperax Treadmill Q1 Model | Check Price

The Sperax Q1 model is a walking pad of 320Lb capacity. It is the best selling seprax model with damping system, belt adjustment, visual screen, and remote-control functionality.

Sperax Treadmill Q1 Model
ModelSperax Treadmill Q1
Speed0.6 to 3.8 MPH
Weight Capacity 320 Lbs.
Power2.5 HP
Deck16.54” x 41.34”
Incline0 %

3. Sperax Walking Pad With Auto Incline | Check Price

The Sperax auto incline treadmill is a 320 weight capacity walking pad of sperax brand. The main difference between all the sperax treadmills models is the speed range and running surface area.

This is one of the unique sperax pad with 12% incline capability. It comes with the remote control which can be attached to the right of the LCD display.

The remote has these buttons: Incline+, incline-, speed+, speed-, and start/stop/pausebutton.

Sperax Treadmill With Auto Incline
Speed0.5 to 4 MPH
Weight Capacity 320 Lbs.
Power2.5 HP
Deck39.7″x 16.5″
Incline12 % (6 different stages)

Which height people can use Sperax Walking pad?

If you are around 6.2 feet or taller than Sperax walking pad treadmill is not for you. This treadmill is suitable for people with height of 6.1 Ft and lower.

It is the best walking pad for females, kids, and elderly people.

Sperax 2 in 1 folding treadmill

Does the Sperax 2 in 1 treadmill shows reading in MPH or KPH?

The Sperax walking treadmill only shows reading in KPH. And there is no way to change KPH to MPH. So, if KPH readings do not bother you at all. Go for this treadmill.

Is Sperax walking pad good for running or walking?

If you are an intense runner then don’t choose this treadmill. Sperax walking pad is only for those people who prefer walking or jogging.

The specs show that the max speed of the Sperax Pro model is 7.4 MPH. But in actuality, the max speed of the treadmill according to the users is 6 to 6.5 MPH.

This actual speed makes this treadmill suitable for jogging or walking or light running only.

The rest 2 models of sperax pad have almost same speed range of about 0.5 to 4 MPH. Makes them suitable for joggers only.

The intense runners can check this highest incline treadmill with 15% auto incline.

What to do if Sperax treadmill shows error code E7?

The treadmill will show an E7 error code when you turn on the treadmill without putting the safety key on the yellow button.

Do make sure to put safety key on the yellow button first and then press on/off button 2 times to turn on the treadmill.

Sperax Walking pad treadmill

What buttons will you get on control panel or remote of Sperax 2 in 1 Treadmill?

The sperax 2 in 1 treadmill has +, -, and on/off button on remote as well as on control panel. Use +/- buttons to control speed. And use the on/off button to turn on and off the treadmill.

There is a 3/6 button on the control panel of the sperax treadmill and pressing it will get to a higher speed quickly.

There is an M button on the remote of the treadmill. And this is not a mute button. Before ending your session if you press the M button on remote, treadmill will remember it. So, don’t confuse M button with mute button.

Is the Sperax Walking pad good for 7 foot (84″) basement?

The deck height of Sperax folding treadmill is not more than 7 inches. So, even if you are 6 foot tall (72″) you can easily run or walk on this treadmill without any problem under 7 foot ceiling. You will easily get 5″ head clearance.

Yes, Sperax walking treadmill is good for 7 foot basement ceiling.

Things we love the most in Sperax treadmill are:

  1. It shuts off automatically once the safety key is removed.
  2. You can operate the treadmill at the highest speed with the handlebar folded completely.
  3. The treadmill is preassembled and is very light to move around.
  4. It can be easily stored in small spaces.
  5. The motor is quiet which makes Sperax treadmil suitable for apartment buildings.
  6. Even though it is an under desk treadmill but you can store it in upright position as well by leaning it over something.
  7. This walking pad has both walking and running modes.

Here are pros and cons of Sperax Treadmills


  • Treadmill operates smoothly and stays stable.
  • Commendable safety features.
  • It is compatible with standing desks.
  • It is well constructed and sturdy.
  • User friendly controls and remote.
  • The handle is very useful for elderly people as they can grab it for a walk.
  • On working out for 45 to 60 minutes on this treadmill, the motor does not get very hot.
  • It is compact and easy to fold.
  • It has a slot for phone or kindle but not for a big tablet.


  • No batteries included for remote.

What are users complaining about the Sperax walking pad?

The complaints about the Sperax under desk treadmill are very minimal. The users’ complaints are:

  1. The treadmill is suitable for short people and not for big or tall people.
  2. The highest speed of the treadmill is too low.
  3. There is no pause or mute button on the treadmill.
  4. The Treadmill only reads in kilometers and not in miles.
  5. It makes a squeaky noise.

Final thoughts

The Sperax Under Desk Treadmills offers a convenient and effective means of incorporating physical activity into your workday. With its compact design, quiet operation, adjustable speed settings, and health benefits, it proves to be a valuable investment for anyone seeking to enhance their productivity and overall well-being.

We recommend Sperax 12% incline walking pad and Sperax Pro walking pad to people. These 2 models are the best choice for anyone who just wants to walk and do light running.

Whether you work from home or in a corporate setting, the Sperax Treadmill is a game-changer, allowing you to improve your physical health while maximizing your productivity.

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