Best Treadmill for Short Person (2023)

Title: Best Treadmill for Short Person 

A treadmill is an excellent investment for those looking to get fit and stay fit. If you’re a tall person, it can be challenging to find the right treadmill to meet your needs. But if you’re short, you might struggle to find one that fits your size comfortably.

Treadmills are fantastic machines, but they’re not necessarily well-suited to shorter people. This article will show you the best treadmill for short person that won’t require an extra investment on your part!

One of the best treadmills that help keep you safe, injury-free during your workout, and built with features specifically designed to accommodate short bodies is a LIJIUJIA 2 in 1 Under Desk treadmill.

Best Treadmill for Short Person – LIJIUJIA 2 in 1 Under Desk treadmill

Best Treadmill for Short Person
Speed7.6 MPH
Weight Capacity 245 Lbs.
Dimensions50.12″D x 27.02″W x 41.81″H
Deck 16.5” x 41.5” 
InclineNo incline
Power2.25 HP

Features: Best Treadmill for short person (LIJIUJIA Under Desk treadmill)

  • It has Shock-absorbing springs to protect knees/joints and non-skid feet.
  • Easy to store anywhere with foldable design by moving it with 2 transportation wheels.
  • It comes with knee pads which you can wear for knee protection.
  • Control it with a remote control.
  • Includes Bluetooth speaker and, phone, and tablet holder.
  • 5-layer non-slip textured running belt.
  • LED display to track data and the treadmill is also easily connectable with the Zwift app.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comfortable and stable.
  • Quiet treadmill.
  • Small and compact.
  • Deck Length works for those with short strides.
  • Fast speedy and small treadmill for home.
  • It can be stored under the bed and in a standing position.


  • No incline

Things we like and dislike about the LIJIUJIA Mini electric treadmill?

Some things we really love the LIJIUJIA treadmill and some things we don’t love about it are:

Things we like

  1. Treadmill can be used with and without the handle.
  2. The treadmill price is reasonable. Best treadmill under $300.
  3. The belt rotation is very smooth.
  4. Even a shorter person (around 5 feet) can easily move this treadmill.
  5. It has a very powerful motor.
  6. Effective cushioning for shock absorption.
  7. Shock absorbing pad with built-in silicone used as knee pads included.  

Things we don’t like

  1. No pause button available on the control panel.
  2. No drink holder.
  3. Cord length is short.
Best Treadmill for Short Person

Does LIJIUJIA mini treadmill have speed for everyone?

The LIJIUJIA small home treadmill goes really fast and slow. It has speed for everyone. The speed range of the treadmill is 0.5 -7.6 MPH. Its speed presets make it easy to change speeds quickly.

As a beginner, walk on the treadmill at slow speed and once your body adjusts to the speed, start increasing the speed to find the right speed to do your exercises.

The LIJIUJIA under desk treadmill speed increments by 0.1 mph. The speed goes up like 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, and so on.

Are small treadmills made for active runners?

If you are an active runner or a professional athlete then a mini or small treadmill is not made for you.

Compact mini treadmills are suitable for old people, children and ladies. Those who want to just walk or jog without becoming an avid runner.

How important is the safety knob while running on treadmill?

Using a safety knob is very important when running on a treadmill. A safety knob will help prevent injuries that may occur due to unexpected contact with the running belt. The safety knob will stop the machine immediately if you fall on the treadmill.

When buying a treadmill, make sure you purchase one with a safety knob.

Never even try to use the treadmill without connecting the safety knob.

Best Treadmill for Short Person

Does the LIJIUJIA compact treadmill have an incline feature?

The LIJIUJIA mini electric treadmill has no incline feature. But there is a slight incline to the base or platform. The incline is in the design itself and it is not adjustable at all.

Is LLIJIUJIA treadmill suitable for heavy people?

LIJIUJIA under desk treadmill for short person, which we are reviewing in this article has a maximum weight capacity of 245 pounds. Even though the treadmill is small it is suitable for heavy people. But not suitable for users heavier than 245 pounds.

What size of treadmill is right for me?

If you are shorter, then you will want to get a mini electric treadmill. Mini electric treadmills are easy to store, lightweight and come with plenty of functions for workout purposes. The right deck size of treadmill for a short person is 16″ wide and 42″ long.

But if you are a tall person, then you require a proper treadmill with additional and advanced features like adjustable incline, large belt size, more preset programs, interactive screen, and more. The right deck size of treadmill for a tall person is 17″ wide and 48″ long.

Conclusion: Best Treadmill for Short Person

It may take a bit of time to find the perfect treadmill that suits your needs as a shorter person. It might also take more than one tries before you land on the perfect treadmill.

But with the help of this article, now you know that LIJIUJIA under desk treadmill is the best small treadmill for home and is worth investing your money on. It is a beginner friendly treadmill that is so small to fit perfectly anywhere in apartment, portable, has faster speeds, has easy to operate control panel, and does not need lubrication.

It has a one touch knob for folding the treadmill easily. You can also track the data on apps like KINOMAP/ZWIFT while running on this treadmill. To buy this under desk treadmill for short person. Click here.

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