6 Best Treadmills for Low Ceilings in 2022

If you have low ceilings in your home, you might be tempted to assume that your only options are elliptical machines or stationary bikes if you want to get regular exercise and keep your weight under control.

Most treadmills are designed with taller ceilings in mind, but if you live in an apartment or have low ceilings in your home, you may find that your options are limited.

After all, treadmills aren’t exactly known for their ceiling height compatibility, but there are actually many great models that can work well in even the smallest rooms with the least amount of clearance.

6 Best Treadmills for Low Ceilings

We reviewed 6 of the best treadmills for low ceilings, out of which 4 are treadmills with no incline and 2 are treadmills with incline.

The 6 treadmills in this article will easily fit into basements/places with low ceilings. The ceilings, which are at least 7 feet in height and not below this value. Now let’s have a look at them one by one.

1. Echelon Stride Low Profile Treadmill

Treadmills for Low Ceilings
Speed12 MPH
Weight Capacity 300 Lbs.
Deck Height (Flat unfolded)4.5″ (End) to 6″ (Front)
Deck20″ x 55″
Incline12 levels / 10%
Power3 HP


  • Metal safety bar underneath running deck protects objects from being pulled under
  • Built-in steel handle for portability and Integrated handlebar heart rate sensors
  • Included transport wheels, Bluetooth connectivity & USB charging port
  • Access 3,000 live and on-demand connected fitness classes with FREE 30-day trial of the Echelon Premier Membership
  • LED display panel LED displays pulse, distance, incline, time, speed and calorie burn
  • Start, Stop, Pause, Program, and mode buttons to use
  • 2 Water bottle holders, phone and tablet holders are present


  • Smooth and comfortable
  • Unshakeable even at top speeds
  • Lightweight and easy to move/fold
  • Changes inclines and speed easily
  • Cushiony deck has a very low impact on joints and knees


  • No fan
  • Not cheap

2. LSRZSPORT 2 in 1 Folding Under Desk Low Deck Treadmill 

LSRZSPORT 2 in 1 Folding Under Desk Low Deck Treadmill
Speed7.6 MPH
Weight Capacity 240 Lbs.
Deck Height (Flat unfolded)4.73″
Deck16.7″ x 42.5″
InclineNo incline
Power2.5 HP


  • Remote controlled 2 modes: Running and walking modes
  • Ani-slip 5-layer running belt absorbs vibration
  • At maximum load, the noise stays less than 57db
  • Large LED display and high-quality speakers are present
  • Adjust speed using the multifunction console and remote control
  • Start, Stop, mode buttons are available
  • Only mobile phone holder is present


  • Very lightweight and cheap
  • Console displays accurate readings
  • Easy to move/fold/store and is very quiet treadmill
  • Multilayer cushiony deck is comfortable for knees, muscles and joints.
  • With no incline it can be used under low ceilings


  • No handlebar adjustment
  • No tablet and water bottle holder

3. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 Smart Treadmill with Auto Incline

Treadmills for Low Ceilings
BrandSunny Health & Fitness
Speed8 MPH
Weight Capacity 240 Lbs.
Deck Height (Flat unfolded)4.5″ (End) to 6″ (Front)
Deck16.5″ x 49.5″
Incline12 levels
Power2.2 HP


  • 3 countdown modes are present: Speed, time, and calorie
  • Shock absorption running belt and large backlit LCD display is present
  • Bluetooth connectivity, MP3 Port, in-built Speakers, and Microphone is available
  • Soft drop hydraulic mechanism ensures safe fold/unfold
  • 12 Workout programs are included
  • Integrated Body Mass Index Calculator
  • Device holder and 2 cup holders are present


  • 12 Auto – inclines at cheap rate
  • Suitable for heavy and tall people
  • Pause and resume where you left
  • No issues with padding under feet
  • Controls are on the arm
  • Very Low impact on legs


  • Gets loud at high speed

4. Botorro Portable low to the ground Treadmill 

Treadmills for Low Ceilings
Speed9 MPH
Weight Capacity 265 Lbs.
Deck Height (Flat unfolded)less than 5″
Deck18.5″x 50″
InclineNo incline
Power2.5 HP


  • Ani-slip 7-layer running belt that absorbs shock for premium comfort
  • 4 quick speed buttons are present: 2, 4, 6, and 8 MPH
  • It has Adjustable handlebar and adjustable phone, iPad holder
  • Dual Stereo Bluetooth Speakers and non-interactive display monitor present
  • Start, Stop, increase/ decrease speed buttons are available
  • 14-point shock absorption across the belt to relieve the bad knees stress


  • Low profile treadmill
  • Adjustable handrail makes treadmill compatible for kids as well
  • Can be used on carpet
  • Easy Bluetooth connection
  • Control music settings with buttons instead of phone
  • Sturdy, durable, and quiet


  • No preset workout programs
  • Not holds above 10″ length tablet

5. UREVO Folding Mini Low Deck Treadmill for Home 

Treadmills for Low Ceilings
Speed6.2 MPH
Weight Capacity 220 Lbs.
Deck Height (Flat unfolded)Less than 4.5″
Deck15″ x 39.4″
InclineNo incline
Power2.25 HP


  • Easy to fold design can be stored anywhere
  • Five-layer non-slip running belt is more durable and quieter
  • Compatible treadmill for everyone: Family members and even dogs
  • Rotatable LCD screen gives clear view from every angle
  • 3 sports mode and 12 pre-built programs available
  • HIIT running mode to reduce fat effectively


  • Made for small apartments and low ceilings
  • Very cheap and lightweight
  • Adjustable phone and tablet holder
  • Designed to fit under the bed
  • Treadmill material is not gym-grade but perfect for light to moderate use 
  • Adjusts nicely at different speeds


  • No handrail adjustment
  • No water bottle holder

6. Goplus Under Desk Electric Treadmill for low ceiling

goplus tread
Speed8 MPH
Weight Capacity 265 Lbs.
Deck Height (Flat unfolded)Less than 6″
Deck40″ x 16″
InclineNo incline
Power2.25 HP


  • Use it as a jogging machine up to speed of 3Mph, and running machine above 3Mph
  • The 5-layer non-slip texture running belt provides an effective and safe cushion for your knees and muscles
  • The speed unit can be switched between mile and km in APP
  • Use remote control to adjust the speed of movement and stop treadmill instantly
  • Connect this low profile treadmill to your phone through Bluetooth
  • Smart APP will control and record exercise data


  • Removeable handles
  • Strong mobile phone holder
  • Control speed with only remote
  • Not too loud
  • Powerful motor and strong frame
  • Folds flat, fits under the bed


  • Not for extra heavy users
  • No water bottle holder

Factors to Consider When Buying a Low Ceiling Treadmill

If you’re looking for a low ceiling treadmill, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Deck Height

First, you’ll want to make sure the treadmill has a low profile. This means that the deck is close to the ground, which will allow you to run without hitting your head on the ceiling. A low deck treadmill will be a better option for low ceilings than a high deck treadmill

Size & weight capacity

Second, think about the size of the treadmill. A smaller machine will be easier to fit into a small space than a larger one. Every low deck treadmill in this article is small in size. The deck is not that big.

Another thing to look for on the treadmill is that its weight capacity should be between 220 to 300 Lb weight capacity.

Added Features

Third, consider the features that are important to you. Some treadmills for homes have more features than others, so make sure to choose one that has the features you want.

The important features that any low profile treadmill must have:

  1. Shock absorption system
  2. Multi-layer belt for bad knees and joints.
  3. Soft drop hydraulic system to fold and unfold the treadmills for low ceilings
  4. Non-interactive display monitor to show tracking data
  5. Must have device (phone, ipad) holder
  6. May or may not have incline
  7. Must be Bluetooth compatible


After reading this low profile treadmills article, you should have a good idea of what to look for when purchasing your next low deck treadmill.

The above 6 best treadmills for low ceilings are unique in their own way. They are strong, durable, and very comfortable to ride on. 2 of the treadmills have incline and 4 have no incline. No-incline treadmills are going to fit very well under a 7′ ceiling and so do the incline ones.

For people who are 6 feet and below, these 6 low treadmills will be a perfect investment for them. Their heads are not going to hit the ceiling at all. But for people who are taller than 6 feet, we recommend they buy treadmills with no incline.

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