How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram in 2022

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Have you ever wondered what it means when someone restricts you on Instagram? Did you ever notice the option of “Restrict” on your friends/followers’ profiles? If you did, we bet you do not have any idea what it actually means.

When someone restricts you on Instagram, you might not be able to find out whether you are restricted or not. Or when you restrict your followers on Instagram, they might not be able to find whether they are restricted by you or not.

Instagram will not send you any type of message to convey that you are restricted by a particular person.

So, before we make it clear How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram, it is important to clarify what is the difference between Instagram restrict and Instagram block.

Instagram Restrict Vs Block

If you can’t see the profile or any of the photos, videos, posts, or stories of the person you follow anymore, even if you’re already following them. Then it means you are blocked by that person.

This can be very upsetting if you were previously friends with this person and are now no longer able to view what they share on their profile page or through Instagram Stories.

How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram

Whereas Instagram’s restrict feature is different. Being restricted doesn’t mean that the other person has unfollowed you or blocked you from seeing their content—it just means that they have restricted your interaction with them.

Figuring out that you are blocked is easier than being restricted on Instagram. In both cases, Instagram will not send you a message.

How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram

Instagram restrict means the person no longer wants to interact with you openly and no longer wants you to interact with his/her videos, stories, and photos.

The ig restrict feature is very useful for people who have a great number of followers such as influencers or famous personalities. Instagram restrict is a great feature to shut the mouth of haters, abusers, and trollers.

To know if your friends restricted you is not that easy. However, there are some things that will indicate that you are restricted on Instagram.

1. Your friend is always offline

If you are not able to see your friend’s online status. For so many days he/she is offline 24 x 7. This means your friend restricted you.

2. Not reading your messages

In case you send messages to your friend on Instagram and if he/she doesn’t send replies to you and is not reading your messages. This is a clear sign you are restricted.

3. Your Comment is not showing

If you comment on your friend’s post on Instagram using your unrestricted or even restricted account then you will be able to see your comment on his/her post. Got it?

But if you log in to Instagram with another temporary account (2nd account) and visit the same post on which you have commented and if it doesn’t show your comment. Then definitely your main account is restricted.

4. Can’t Remix the photos and reels

After getting restricted, if you access your friend’s new published content like a photo or a video. And you click on the three dots above the photo or reel.

You will not see the options of “Remix this Photo” and “Remix this video”. Even if your friend allows the Remix for reels, feed videos, and photos in settings.

How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram

In other words, you cannot remix the photos and reels of the person who has restricted you on Instagram.

Frequently asked questions

1. How to Unrestrict on Instagram?

Those who accidentally restricted their friends can Unrestrict them by visiting their profile. Simply click on the three dots at the top right corner of the profile. The window will pop up.

The third option of the window will be the ‘Unrestrict’ button. Tap on it to Unrestrict your friends/followers on Instagram.

How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram

2. Will a restricted person be able to see my Live, Photos, Reels, and Stories?

Yes, the person you have restricted on Instagram will be able to see your live, reels, photos, and stories.

Every fresh content you have posted on Instagram will be visible to restricted followers and friends. But they are not allowed to interact with them like they can’t remix your reels and photos, their comments will not be visible to other people except you, etc.

3. Can a restricted person read my other comments?

Yes, restricted people can read other comments on your reels and photos. They can even check how many people liked your content and who has liked your content on Instagram.

4. Can a restricted person see your followers and followings?

It is very important to note that the Instagram restrict or ig restrict feature will not restrict a restricted person to visit your profile and check out your content.

And yes, if the restricted person is still your friend, then he/she can see your followers and can also see which people you follow.

5. What happens to Instagram chat after restricting a person?

After restricting a person on Instagram, the chat or conversation will not disappear. But the whole chat/conversation will move into the “Requests”.


In the messages, click on the “Requests” to check out the texts of the restricted person/friend/follower.

How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram

As we can see above, the chat/conversation stays as it is even after restricting a person. You can read the texts of a restricted person but he will not know that you have read them.

The chat will show three options at the bottom: Block, delete, and Unrestrict.

So, you can delete the chat, you can block the person, or you can Unrestrict the person to start the conversation again.

6. What is restricted comment on Instagram posts?

The restricted comment on the Instagram post is a comment by a restricted person. To view the comment just tap on the “See comment” option. Otherwise, delete it if you are not interested in seeing the restricted comment.

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Further, you can also approve the comment in case you want other people to see the comment sent by a restricted person.

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