iPad Pro 12.9 vs MacBook Pro 13: M1 Chip Models

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We all know that the latest iPad Pro 12.9 is now out with the M1 chip. The same M1 chip is in the MacBook Pro 13 also. The iPad Pro 12.9 is going to be as awesome as the Macbook pro 13 but this will confuse most people especially the students that which device will work best for them.

They both are fast and efficient devices Apple has ever made and there is no doubt that they will run for a long long time. They both are not that heavy but the iPad Pro is way lighter than MacBook pro whereas the iPad Pro+Magic keyboard is much heavier than MacBook Pro 13.

But just weight is not a deciding factor, there are many factors which we will compare in our iPad Pro 12.9 vs MacBook Pro 13 review. We will cover the important differences in Displays, keyboards, designs, speakers, battery life, and more.

ipad pro 12.9 inch

iPad Pro 12.9
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Macbook Pro 13

iPad Pro 12.9 vs MacBook Pro 13

The 2 new apple beasts i.e iPad pro 12.9 and MacBook pro 13 are in high demand and they are selling like a hotcake. For taking notes the iPad pro is better and when apple pencil runs smoothly on iPad, it takes note taking to another level. But the iPad will cost around 1500 $ including all the iPad accessories.

Whereas the MacBook Pro 13 total cost will be around 1000 $. The performance wise MacBook pro is much more superior to iPad pro 12.9. As the MacBook Pro 13 can run macOS as well as approved iPad OS apps, whereas the iPad Pro can only run iPad apps. Now let’s have a detailed comparison of both.

iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro: Display

iPad Pro 12.9 vs MacBook Pro 13: M1 Chip Models (2022)

The 5th generation iPad Pro and the MacBook pro have the best displays in the market right now. The brand new Mini LED display of iPad Pro 12.9 can go up to 1600 nits of brightness for HDR content and 600 Nits for regular use. The LEDs give the display a blackish look instead of greyish. The blacks are pure blacks and the refresh rate is 120 Hz which is insane. The best part about the display is that it is touchscreen and smoother than ever.

Whereas the Macbook pro 13 has an LCD display that can go up to 500 nits of brightness for regular use. The display is not a touch screen and its aspect ratio is smaller than iPad pro 12.9. So writing or reading the content is much better on iPad pro due to its taller aspect ratio. Even the refresh rate on the MacBook Pro is just 60 Hz which is why the iPad Pro 12.9 is a clear winner in terms of display.

For watching movies and HDR content iPad Pro 12.9 is the best choice display-wise.

iPad Pro 12.9 vs MacBook Pro 13: Performance

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Coming to the single-core and multi-core performance of both the apple devices, they both perform well and there is not much a big difference in their scores. Exporting the video on iPad pro takes half the time as on the Macbook pro whereas the SSD read Speeds on the Macbook Pro come out to be faster.

The iPad Pro is much more productive for running apps and games because of its 120 Hz refresh rate. The games and apps run very smoothly on iPad pro 12.9. But the iPad doesn’t have the pro apps even though its app store has much more content than MacBook’s. Installing the apps outside the app store is possible in the MacBook pro 13 but not in the case of the iPad.

M1 inside the MacBook Pro is very useful but, in the iPad, the performance of the M1 chip is not used that much. So, performance wise the Macbook is a winner.

iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro: Camera

iPad Pro 12.9 vs MacBook Pro 13: M1 Chip Models (2022)

Talking about the camera, the MacBook Pro has a front web camera, and the 5th generation iPad Pro has both front and rear facing cameras. They both have ultra angle modules and 4K video recording like features that the MacBook pro camera lacks. The rear camera is not that useful on iPad but the front facing camera is useful in both devices.

The front camera of iPad Pro 12.9 has a center stage feature that is best for video calling and its frame extends when it detects more faces. The front camera records 1080p video recording as compared to 720p on Macbook pro 13.  But in terms of front camera angle, the Macbook pro is better.

Overall, in terms of camera, the iPad Pro is better than MacBook. So, if you do a lot of video callings, the iPad is a good choice. And taking Quality pictures is now possible with the 12MP rear camera of the iPad.

iPad Pro 12.9 vs MacBook Pro 13: Battery Life

The latest Macbook pro 13 promises 17 Hours of battery life and the 5th generation iPad Pro promises 10 hours of battery life. But after proper usage of both the devices like watching movies, gaming, video calling, and more. The iPad Pro runs for about 7 to 8 hours and the Macbook Pro runs for about 12 hours.

Even though they both have the M1 chip, the Macbook Pro has a larger battery and better battery life than the iPad pro. MacBook Pro 13 battery life is about 4 to 5 hours better than iPad pro 12.9.

iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro: Keyboard/TrackPad

iPad pro Magic keyboard is the best keyboard in terms of design and built quality. It is much more attractive than the MacBook Pro and the keys on the magic keyboard are better than the MacBook Pro keyboard. But the iPad Pro keyboard doesn’t have the top row function keys like the MacBook pro.

Keys are made of soft plastic on Macbook pro 13 and hard plastic on iPad pro 12.9. So, the hard keys feel much better than soft ones. On the other hand, the trackpad on both Apple devices is very responsive. But using the trackpad of the MacBook is great because of its larger size, smooth gestures, and clicking feel. A small size trackpad of 5th generation iPad pro is just okay.

iPad Pro 12.9 vs MacBook Pro 13: Speakers

The sound of the iPad Pro speakers is much louder than the MacBook pr0 13. These 5th generation iPad pro speakers are clear, louder, have more bass with better vocals. iPad has speakers on both sides and they sound insane while watching a video or a movie.

iPad Pro 12.9 and MacBook Pro 13 (Ports)

The 5th generation iPad Pro has one Thunderbolt port, one USB-C for charging, and one headphone jack whereas the Macbook pro has 2 Thunderbolt ports. In case you buy the magic keyboard for iPad pro you will get the built in charging port with keyboard set up.

iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro for college

Using the Macbook is a great experience but it is just a laptop and using an iPad is fun as it is a combination of both iPad and laptop. The students need battery life and both iPad and MacBook give a good better life. But Macbook pro has a better battery life and is much cheaper than iPad pro 12.9.

Using the iPad pro in college is much easier than MacBook pro. It has the apple pencil for taking notes and a better display with mini-LEDs. Even the keyboard makes iPad pro worth using in college or school. But it gets heavier than MacBook pro. For multitasking and file management the MacBook Pro is a good choice for students.

Opening as many windows is possible in Macbook pro 13 as compared to just 2 in iPad pro. So, both the devices are good for college students and those who have a larger budget can buy iPad pro 12.9 over MacBook Pro.

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